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Split EP (15.04.2022) 

Limited CDs & Cassettes via Trepanation Recordings

Swedish Post-Metal band Dimwind and American Blackgaze act Breaths are teaming up to make an impact with an epos-like split EP.

With this release they want to remind us, in the midst of a global pandemic, about the much greater threat that we must not lose sight of - humanity’s abuse of the planet.

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Slow Wave Violence

Album (14.05.2021) 

Limited CDs & Cassettes via Trepanation Recordings

"Exploring the borders of post rock and post metal with an intense and emotional release. This might be the most captivating instrumental album of the year so far."

- Knut / Veil of sound

"This is the kind of stuff that you want to play loud while you close your eyes and just allow yourself to submerge in it...

I don’t want to understate how significant of a work I think Dimwind’s Slow Wave Violence is."

- Kep / Noobheavy


Dimwind is an instrumental post-rock/metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden, consisting of guitarist

Andreas Hansen and drummer Jonas Eriksson. The two have been playing together in different constellations since the late 90's (Murk Moribund, Succubus, Eilan More, Sizm).

They established Dimwind as a duo in 2019 to be able to write without consideration to other members.

But also with a venturous intent of having a genre defying approach and not be so easily branded, but foremost to not be restrained by musical borders. The vision is to let the music float effortlessly over adjacent genres to create a unique and intriguing soundscape of scandinavian melancholy and high energy, driven by heavy riffs and mournful melodies.


They try to not conform within the sometimes far too narrow framework of post-rock, by adding sludgy riffing and a heavier sound. But at the same time not fall into the preconceived form of post-metal, by blending in some catchy harmonies and faster passages. Also keeping the progressive side from only being perceived as a math problem.

Despite the bravery of claiming uniqueness the duo knows that isn't all true, but they hope that fans of similar acts like Long Distance Calling, Russian Circles, Pelican, Pg.lost and GIAA will appreciate their music.

In May 14, 2021 the band independently released their full length debut album

"Slow Wave Violence" on all streaming platforms. An album that was written, recorded and distributed

in a DIY way. In August same year they signed a deal with the British record label Trepanation Recordings, for a limited batch of CDs and Cassettes, that was released on September 17th 2021.

The album has gained positive response from listeners and critics from around the world.

In April 15, 2022 the EP "Seasons" was released via Trepanation Recordings.

Dimwind teamed up with American blackgaze act Breaths to release an epic split EP with the intent to redirect focus from the ongoing pandemic, bad as that is, to the even worse problems with climate and the condition of our planet.  

Andreas and Jonas are already in the midst of writing for their sophomore album,

so stay tuned for new updates!

Our vision is to let the music float effortlessly over adjacent genres to create a unique

and intriguing soundscape of mournful melancholy and high energy.

Rarely isn't the calm followed by a storm.

- Dimwind


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