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Split EP - 15.04.2022 
(Trepanation Recordings)

CD / Cassette / Digital on Bandcamp:

“Breaths and DIMWIND present what is easily one of the year's most cohesive and well thought out split releases.”

- Cave Dweller


Slow Wave Violence

Album - 14.05.2021

(Trepanation Recordings)

CD / Cassette / Digital on Bandcamp:

“This might be the most captivating instrumental album of the year”

Veil of Sound


Dimwind is an instrumental post-metal / post-rock band from Gothenburg, Sweden, consisting of guitarist Andreas Hansen (also bass and keyboards) and drummer Jonas Eriksson. The two have played together in different constellations since the late 90's (Murk Moribund, Succubus, Eilan More, Sizm) and finally established Dimwind as a duo in 2019.

Their musical vision is to create emotional soundscapes that capture and retain the listener's focus by constantly being in motion. With melancholic sadness and sweet harmonies combined with crushing guitars and cascading crescendos, they strive to provoke both reflection and empowerment. Their sound can be briefly described as progressive post-metal with post-rock aesthetics. The theme that drapes their music tends to introspect the human struggle against difficulties in the emotional and mental realm.

Fans of similar acts such as Long Distance Calling, Russian Circles, Pelican, Pg.lost and GIAA may appreciate Dimwind's catalog.

May 14, 2021, the band independently released their full-length debut album "Slow Wave Violence" on all streaming platforms. An album that depicts an evocative narrative of mental illness that intends to lead the listener through hope and despair. On September 17, the same year, a limited batch of CDs and cassettes were released via UK label Trepanation Recordings. The album has received praise from listeners and critics from around the world.

April 15, 2022, the EP "Seasons" was released via Trepanation Recordings (on streaming, CD & cassette).

Dimwind teamed up with the American blackgaze act Breaths to release an epos-like split EP with the intention to remind people, in the midst of a global pandemic and an ongoing war, of the ultimate threat that we must not lose sight of - humanitys abuse of the planet. Both bands presented a song of 15 minutes each.

Andreas and Jonas write, record and produce in a DIY way.

Their second full-length album has now been completed and is awaiting release in the spring of 2023.

Follow their social media for updates.


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